It is our vision that technology should be an integral part of every curriculum area, as well as having its own goals and objectives for training in its use. Technology should be available for use by all students and staff at Plainwell Community Schools.

Integrating technology into teaching practices (and classrooms) from the perspective of teachers requires a comprehensive process of professional development.

We believe technology exists as a very powerful and essential tool (among many) in the educational process to prepare our students to succeed in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing society.

Technology Use Agreement:

Plainwell Community Schools Technology Plan:



  • Plainwell Community Schools (PCS) uses many software applications and web based servces operated by third parties.  In order for the students, under the age of 13,  to use these programs and services we must provide those parties with personal information such as student email address and name.  Under the federal law, PCS, is permitted to collect that personal information for what we consider educationally beneficial sites.  This eleminates the third party web site operator from having to obtain individual consent for each child.  You agree that PCS has consent to provide your student's personal identifying information including first and last names, school email address and username.