Last Updated: 11/11/2019 8:55 PM

Finance, Budget, Personnel, Building & Grounds, and Technology

Meets 4th Wednesday of the month

  • Dr. Anthony McNeel, Chair
  • Amy Blades, Member
  • Shannon Zabaldo, Member
  • Jill Dunham, Alternate

Policy and Communications

Meets quarterly

  • Shannon Zabaldo, Chair
  • Jill Dunham, Member
  • David Skinner, Member
  • Julli Bennett, Alternate

Plainwell Education Foundation

Meets Monthly

  • Shannon Zabaldo/Amy Blades, Representative
  • David Skinner, Alternate

Athletic Advisory Committee

Meets as needed

  • Chris VanDenBerg, Representative
  • David Skinner, Representative
  • Amy Blades, Alternate

Health Advisory Committee

Meets as needed

  • Julli Bennett, Representative
  • Dr. Anthony McNeel, Alternate

Expulsion Renstatement Committee

Meets as needed

  • Amy Blades, Representative
  • Chris VanDenBerg, Representative
  • Jill Dunham, Alternate

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