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All future classes are CANCLED


























CLOSEDDriver Education at Plainwell High School.
The rest of this year is still very undetermined.  School must be open and HS in session.

Always check back here the day before class starts for any last minute changes to the calendar that must be made.  We try to avoid making changes.  On rare occasions changes might be needed because of drop/adds, teaching commitments, or weather.

What-Every-Driver-Must-Know Booklet


  • Email: gro.sloohcsllewnialp@etnemaladab.nevek
  • Office Number: (269) 685-9554
  • Secretary: Lisa Marzolf, Ext. 1517
  • Athletic Office Hours:  7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Director: Keven Badalamente Ext. 1551

S1 CLOSED Segment I Driver Ed.

*** Reminder: Students must be 14 yrs 8 months BEFORE the start of class and not turn 18 before the end of the session! ***
*** Summer DE information is at the bottom of the page. ***

CLOSED Class Times are mostly: Monday – Thursday, two hours a day, for three weeks.
Listed below are calendars for each driver education session.  
Each session that is offered will have different driving groups and times to pick from. 
Driving times are NOT class times.  Students must attend all classes but only drive on the days that their group number is scheduled.
When signing up, you get to pick the drive group number that works best for you. (see calendar)
Students need to pick a driving group number.  That number will tell you which days you will drive on.  Look at the calendar to see when each group drives.
Click on the session number to see a detailed calendar for that session. 

Segment I Cost $340.
Please complete the sign up form below and then pay using REVTRAK.

Once payment is made using RevTrak and a confirmation number/email is received, turn your form and a printed copy of the payment confirmation email in to the main high school office.  Once you receive your confirmation email, you ARE in the class.  Again, PLEASE print the email and the form listed below.  Turn BOTH in to the Athletic office as soon as possible.  This form is required for our state records and to ensure your spot in the class.

A NEW calendar will be passed out on the first day of class if changes are made. 
Click on the class number for a calendar outlining the session.
Once you know which drive group you would like, THEN click on the RevTrak link to sign up.
Class Number 200914, (Sept 14 - Sept. 30:  2:30 - 4:30) – Sign-Up opens 8/14 @ 11:59 PM
Class Number 201012, (Oct.12 - Oct. 31:  2:30 - 4:30) – Sign-Up opens 9/11 @ 11:59 PM
Class Number 201102, (Nov 02 - Nov 21..) – Sign-Up opens 10/10 @ 11:59 PM 
Class Number CANCLED, (Feb./March) – Sign-Up opens ------- @ 11:59 PM 
Class Number CANCLED, (April/May)  – Sign-Up opens -------- @ 11:59 PM
Summer is under SUMMER DE tab below.

PRINT & Fill Out before making a payment on Revtrak:  Sign-Up Form & Rules Seg. ICANCLED

If your paperwork is filled out and ready to turn in – CANCLEDClick here to make payment: RevTrak 
Payment process opens once sign-up begins for each session.  You can not sign-up or pay until the Open Sign-up begins.
Note: Once payment is accepted, your spot is reserved.  Paperwork must be turned in to complete the sign-up process.

S1 CLOSED Segment II Driver Ed.

***Reminder: Students must have had their level 1 license for 90 days and have driven 30hrs, two of which were at night! ***

Teens will be required to show a log documenting their supervised practice driving prior to beginning a Segment 2 class.  The driving log must show the student completed at least 30 of the required 50 hours of driving (including 2 of the 10 hours of nighttime driving).  The driving log in the Parent’s Supervised Driving Guide(SOS–191) and the free mobile app RoadReady are the preferred formats, but any written or electronic format may be accepted.  The driving log must, at a minimum, show the dates of each practice drive, the number of hours/minutes of each drive, and a designation when a practice drive was at night.  If proof of the minimum hours of supervised driving time is not presented, the teen will not be allowed to begin a Segment 2 class.

Please be ready to show this log when turning in your forms.

Segment II Cost $45.  Please use Revtrak to sign up and pay.

Once you receive a confirmation email/number from Revtrak, you are in the class.  You must still complete the following form and turn it in to the Athletic office.  Both the printed form and printed payment confirmation email must be turned in to the Athletic office to complete the sign up process.

There are only 9 spots per class and once they are filled the sign up period closes.

Class Number  200908,  September, 8 -10th: 2:30-4:30 p.m.; – Sign-Up opens 8/8 @ 11:59 PM
Class Number  201006,  October, 6 - 8th:  2:30-4:30 p.m.; – Sign-Up opens 9/5 @ 11:59 PM
Class Number  -----,  , - - - 2:30-4:30 p.m.
Class Number  CANCLED  February, - - - 2:30-4:30 p.m.; 
Class Number  CANCLED  April, - - - 2:30-4:30 p.m.;
Class Number  CANCLED  June, - - - 2:30-4:30 p.m.;

PRINT & Fill Out before making a payment on Revtrak: Sign-Up Form & Rules Seg. II 2020-21
If your paperwork is filled out and ready to turn in – Click here to make payment: RevTrak
Note: Once payment is accepted, your spot is reserved.  Paperwork must be turned in to complete the sign-up process.

S1 CLOSED SUMMER Segment I Driver Ed.

Summer Driver Education 
Here is what we are currently thinking based on the predicted end date of school.
*** Reminder: Students must be 14 yrs 8 months BEFORE the start of class and not turn 18 before the end of the session! ***

Summer 2021 Sign-Up will be in May.  Date not set yet.
The calendar should look very similar to the one below but may need a few changes based on if the end of the school year changes and the number of students who sign up.

Please read and understand the calendar carefully before paying and signing up for a class on RevTrak.
There are two classes this summer that will be offered;  Blue, and White.
You need to pick which class works best for you.
Blue class, 10 – 12 (most days)
White class, 1 – 3 (most days)

Once you pick which class you would like to be in, THEN pick a driving group.
Drive times are, for the most part, every other day; class meets every day.

Students who are in drive group A will drive mostly on Mondays and Wednesdays with alternating Friday and Saturday drives.
Students who are in drive group B will drive mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays with alternating Friday and Saturday drives.
Please pay close attention to which group drives on the weekends.

We will do our best to try and honor any request to put students together in a driver education car.
Completed forms must be turned in together to try and honor such request.

Forms need to be turned in to the Athletic office after payment is made through Revtrak.
Sign-Up Form - (coming soon) <— Turn in after payment is made on Revtrak.

Current CALENDAR Not Set yet.
Complete the above form so you know your options prior to making a payment.  Then, reserve your spot by clicking here.  —> Click here to make payment:  RevTrak 
Summer DE RevTrak Links will be up and active on Saturday in May