Title I Parents Right to Know

In accordance with the requirements of the federal Title 1 law, parents of students in any school receiving Title 1 funds may request, and the District will provide, the following information regarding their child’s teacher: A) state qualifications, certification, and licensing criteria; B) whether the teacher is teaching under any emergency or provisional status; C) the undergraduate major of the teacher and the area of study and any certificates for any graduate degrees earned. In addition, parents may request the qualifications of any paraprofessional providing services to their child. Starr Elementary is the only district school receiving Title 1 funds. Request for teacher or paraprofessional qualifications should be made in writing to the Starr Elementary principal. In addition, parents shall be notified of the level of achievement of their child on required state academic assessments and be given timely notice if their child is assigned to a teacher who has not achieved NCLB highly qualified status or if the child is taught for more than four weeks by a teacher who has not achieved highly qualified status.