Weapons Expulsion Policy

The Board of Education will not tolerate the possession of weapons by anyone while on school property or at a District-related event. In implementing this policy, Plainwell Community Schools will comply with Public Act 211 which prohibits students from possessing a firearm, dagger, dirk, stiletto, knife, mechanical device, iron bar, brass knuckles or other devices designed to inflict bodily harm while in attendance at school or a school activity or en route to or from school on a school bus. This policy shall also encompass look-alike items, false fire alarms, bomb threats, and intentional calls to falsely report a dangerous condition. The Superintendent shall prepare procedures to ensure immediate reporting to the parent and the local law enforcement agency after discovery of the weapon or the false report; and take proper disciplinary action with the student as provided in the Code of Conduct and AG5610. The Gun Expulsion Law, Senate Bill number 966, calls for permanent expulsion of students who are caught with a weapon of any type on school property. Expelled students are able to petition to return to school. Fifth graders and younger may be reinstated in 90 days, students in sixth grade and above have to wait 180 days before being reinstated. Local procedures shall also include immediate reporting to the appropriate law enforcement agency if a dangerous weapon is found or is suspected to be in the possession of a District employee or visitor.